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Although these areas were colonized by the same type of people, many differences existed amongst them. Now that you know who the European participants are, try thinking of some American Indian participants. New Englanders favored Brtitain because they believed that good relations with the British were essential to the region's prosperity The US gov responded to France's declaration of war on Britain in by proclaiming neutrality This was a British practice that damaged Anglo-American relations durin the Washington administration forcibly enlisting American crewmen into the British navy The US gained unrestricted access to the Mississippi River and New Orleans by negotiating a treaty with Spain a prime target fro Republican vote-seekers in the contest for the presidential election of was immigrants The XYZ Affair arose out of what.

Education was more valued in the North while the South home-schooled their children and taught them how to run plantations. Slavery was officially sanctioned by law in Indentured servants were adult men, mostly white, who bound themselves to labor on plantations for a fixed number of years until they earned their freedom and, with it, a small plot of land.

One such instance includes the account of an English woman recalling her husbands death; this account though written in England about an Englishmen was published in Richmond Virginia Fletcher 1. Puritan communities were close-knit, and because all followers of God were expected to read the Bible, they placed great emphasis on education.

However, once free, indentured servants still had to struggle to survive, and conflict arose between the freed servants and the increasingly powerful plantation owners. The king appointed a royal governor for each colony. People who first settled here were Puritans who broke off from the Church of England looking for religious freedom.

The size of plantations limited the development of cities and a merchant class, which had brought such wealth to New England. The differences that existed between the two areas were what made the New England Colonies more stable in many ways compared to the Chesapeake bay settlers.

Since the lands were so unlike, the North settled into communities of religious unity bound by the church.

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Although they had started a new life in a new place they remained faithful to the king of England. Or Life in the Woods, is an example of what. See how those actions affected the relationships between the American Indians and the Europeans.

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These settlers covered much of the eastern seaboard. Dominion of New England inHinton R. The economy, the social and family life, and the religious beliefs set the New England and the Chesapeake region apart. In these communities the homes were clustered around the center of town where the church was located.

All you need to do is take a few minutes to formulate what you are going to write. Contrastingly, in New England equality, not individual wealth was the main goal. During the s, because of short lifespan, women gave birth to several children leading to large families moving to New England.

As discussed above, children had a hard time reaching adulthood, yet even adults were very susceptible to disease and mortality. Virginia and the Chesapeake after Tobacco planted the seed of profit and sowed conflict in a newly stratified society Southern class structure The Tidewater region of Virginia is the eastern portion of the Commonwealth of Virginia located near the James and Rappahannock Rivers.

APUSH American Pageant Chapter 2. Henry VIII: His first divorce, from Catherine of Aragon, was opposed by the pope, leading to England's break with the Roman Catholic Church in the 's launching the English Protestant Reformation. American History: A Survey APUSH: MR.

ROLOFSON. Bacon’s Rebellion is most associated with which early Early New England Early Chesapeake It was east of the Piedmont region and the Appalachians APUSH: MR. ROLOFSON. Aug 18,  · A major difference among the Chesapeake, New England and Middle colonies is that the Chesapeake heavily depended on the African slaves for farming on their tobacco plantations.

In the New England and Middle colonies, they were not as constrained to the need for slave labor. Study 43 APUSH Chapter 4 flashcards from Taylor B.

on StudyBlue. Study 43 APUSH Chapter 4 flashcards from Taylor B. on StudyBlue. -servants became 3/4 of Chesapeake region. Chesapeake-VERY unhealthy On average, married women of New England had about 10 children but only 8 typically survived.

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Apush new england chesapeake region
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