Caraga region

As Bagwis awardees or the so-called certified establishments are stores that have been evaluated to uphold the rights of consumers, implement good business practices and give customers best value for money.

However, available statistics do not give Caraga region magnitude of substandard of units to be replaced and current housing backlog. The infant mortality rate increased from an average of 1. Having and keeping open mind is definitely the key in exploring the options that you have.

A cluster of nipa houses with stilts standing over the sea, one can feed fishes or buy fresh seafood ready to be cooked. Americans then landed in the region and they subsequently developed the regions communications and transportation systems.

Caraga Region

If you are escaping the summer heat, then it is very important for you to go somewhere wherein you can experience cold weather. A proposed airports in Agusan del Sur and Dinagat are being studied if viable for commercial operations. Nowhere you'll find a pool located under the cave.

Also during the mission, twining machines provided by the project were checked. Php 6, per head Total Expenses without food and with airfare: Islands[ edit ] The islets and islands of Guyam, Daku, Naked or Pansukian, La Janosa, Pig-ot, Dinagat, Bucas Grande, Britania and the General island in Cantilan feature white-sand beaches which are ringed by coral reefs suitable for swimming and snorkeling.

For the school year —97, dropout rate at the secondary level was high, especially in Butuan City 9. With a roll-on, roll-off RORO ferry service now in place, Surigao City serves as a vital transportation link for trucks and buses bound for Luzon. Moreover, the trade subsector continued to be the dominant subsector posting a 5.

Out of the 27 private hospitals, 20 were primary, 4 secondary and 3 tertiary. In untilthe region was one of the districts of the former Moro Province in Mindanao. Jubilee Cross, Pusan Point - a 16 feet 4.

DIY Travel Guide to Agusan del Norte, Surigao del Norte & Surigao del Sur (CARAGA Region)

Located within the towns of Tagbina and Bislig, Banbow and Tatol caves which are ranked the 6th and 9th longest caves in the Philippines have recently been declared by the Japanese cave explorers as the third longest cave in the country.

Around JanuaryFrancis Xaviera Jesuit priest, left Malacca and went to Molucca Islandsthen called the Spice Islands, where the Portuguese had some settlements, and for a year and a half he preached the Gospel Caraga region the inhabitants of Amboyna, Ternate, Baranura, and other lesser islands.

Wartime Japanese occupation[ edit ] Induring World War IIas the Japanese occupation of the Philippines began, the region was one of the first among the Philippine regions to be subjected by Japanese occupation. For the school year —, the participation rate for public elementary schools was Inthe region contributed 1.

This is an island known for pristine lagoons, sea caves, coves and lakes. If a travel guide is intended, use of Wikivoyage is strongly suggested. The three newest additions to the existing 38 Bronze level that were recognized on October 30 include the L.

Facilities[ edit ] The entire region is connected by roads from and to the major commercial, trading and processing centers of Cagayan de Oro and Davao. Even though it is ocean or sea away, Caraga can also be a great place for you to have a vacation.

Inthe region accounted for 1. It's probably the most unique looking waterfalls in the Philippines because it is like an island of its own having its own water that falls down to join a big body of water.

Its proximity to other growth areas such as the Cagayan - Iligan corridor and the Davao Gulf Economic Zone is an advantage. With regards to the leading causes of mortality, lifestyle-related diseases like cardiovascular diseases and cancer top the list, replacing the communicable diseases.

All of the stress from your work and other personal issues will go away once you see the beautiful places in Caraga Region. Japanese migration in the region began as two Japanese entrepreneurs, Kyosaburo Ohta and Yoshizo Furokawawere finding better agricultural lands for building abaca and coconut plantations in the region.

The official website of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) of the Republic of the Philippines. Caraganews, PIA caraga, Caraga updates, butuan, Surigao,bislig,cabadbaran, agusan del norte, b5jsNqDGylcq65HVEHzVsbXaNw0. Caraga, officially the Municipality of Caraga, is a 1st class municipality in the province of Davao Oriental, Philippines.

According to the census, it has a population of 40, people. According to the census, it has a population of 40, people. Caraga, officially known as the Caraga Administrative Region or simply Caraga Region and designated as Region XIII, is an administrative region in the Philippines occupying the northeastern section of the island of Caraga Region was created through Republic Act No.

on February 23, The region comprises five provinces: Agusan del Norte, Agusan del Sur, Surigao del Norte. Recent DepEd Orders. November 13, DOs. – Prohibition of Electioneering and Partisan Political Activity; November 6, DOs. – Guidelines on the Grant of Anniversary Bonus.

Region XIII or the Caraga Administrative Region is the newest region created under Republic Act No. approved on February 23, It consists of the provinces of Agusan del Norte, Agusan del Sur, Surigao del Norte and Surigao del Sur.

Its cities are Surigao and Butuan.

Caraga region
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