Clara bartons courage

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Unselfishly giving, courageous and bold. She was reportedly an independent workaholic who fiercely protected her vision of what the Red Cross should be. This is a very thorough guide as well. She soon gained the trust and respect of both the soldiers she tended and the doctors she assisted, earning nicknames like "The Soldier's Friend" and "Angel of the Battlefield.

She collected three warehouses full of supplies, but she wanted to do more. One surgeon who worked beside her on several battlefields wrote, "In my feeble estimation, General McClellan, with all his laurels, sinks into insignificance beside the true heroine of the age, the angel of the battlefield.

Patron and founder, you did all you could do -- Angel of Mercy, still shining through. Clara's early formal education When she was three years old not an uncommon age to start a formal education at the time Clara was sent to school with her brother Stephen, who carried her nearly a mile through the snow drifts on his shoulders.

In Congress reincorporated the Red Cross and required that it make annual financial reports. I just love that she enjoys reading stories of true heroes. She could fix that. She preferred to act independently and in that showed the fortitude that marked her career. It was no uncommon thing for summer teachers to come twenty miles to avail themselves of the winter term of "Col.

A week later, soldiers of the 6th Massachusetts Infantry were attacked by southern sympathizers, and the wounded flooded the streets of Washington, D. More from the same.

Clara Barton

When she arrived at the battlefield, Barton would work tirelessly for 48 hours, bringing comfort to the wounded soldiers: She taught younger generations to embrace every new path they encountered and adapt to difficulties along the way.

More importantly, she spent hours with the homesick, suffering soldiers, nursing them back to health, writing letters and offering kind words, prayers and comfort. They represent the remarkable individuality and sense of enterprise and courage that has marked the American hero.

Illustrations were called for, and we made battles and fought them. I may be compelled to face danger, but never fear it, and while our soldiers can stand and fight, I can stand and feed and nurse them.

She believed that it was her duty to ease the hardships and sufferings of other people, especially in unfavorable situations. She grabbed every opportunity offered to her amidst challenges.

During her employment, there was an ongoing issue amongst women working in government offices.

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When offered the chance to review the book Clara Barton: Also included in this review was a downloadable study guide. Clara Barton exhibited her immense courage on the battlefield, putting her own safety to the side, and only focusing on her patients, even as the war raged on around her, filled with the ghastly, scarring images of the battle.


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Clara Barton was a teacher, self-taught nurse, humanitarian, lobbyist, writer, philanthropist, and founder of the American Red Cross. She was known as the "angel of the battlefield" for her volunteer efforts during the Civil War.

Clara Barton has inspired countless teachers, medical professionals and social workers. Almost two centuries after her birth, the incredible stories of this great humanitarian continue to draw students and families to her childhood home to learn about her boundless mercy and commitment.

Who was Clara Barton?

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Clara Barton : courage under fire

It seems to me that is why Clara Barton is a legitimate and important character to study, promote and emulate. Her courage to take the high road should be promoted above her physical features, ability to entertain, physical agility, or even business skills and acumen.

Clara bartons courage
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