Extraction of trimyristin from nutmeg lab

The activity proved to be selective against the pathogenic versus the non-pathogenic E. Procedure for infrared spectroscopy. A reflux vessel such as a round bottom flask is attached to a water cooled condenser which prevents vapors from escaping during the heating process.

The nonpolar ends congregate on the inside of the globule and the polar ionic ends at the surface of the globule. Higher doses of the nutmeg essential oil seem to possess a weak proconvulsant effect, potentiating the clonic seizures induced by both pentylenetetrazole and bicuculline.

In the first recrystallization, after the solid has been dissolved in warm acetone, the solution is allowed to cool slowly to room temperature. J Postgrad Med Inst. Leave the nutmeg in your condenser and clean it out later after the experiment. Doing a rinse such as this helps to ensure that any trimyristin that was left behind in the rb flask and centrifuge tube is not lost, thereby helping to ensure that the yield of trimyristin is maximized.

This technique uses two solvents which. Excessive heating may cause some of the mixture to bump out of the flask;bumping is minimized by heating very gently.

Extraction Of Organic Compounds From Natural Sources

Influence of heating on antioxidant activity and the chemical composition of some spice essential oils. The most studied pharmacological activity attributed to nutmeg is its effects on the central nervous system CNS.


Xanthine oxidase activity in vitro: Nutmeg myristicin poisoning — report on a fatal case and a series of cases recorded by a poison information centre. Heating a closed system could create a potential BOMB.

If crystals do not form at this point continue anyway. AMPK enzyme system plays a crucial role in regulating lipid and glucose homeostasis in a various tissue types. Earlier anecdotes report psychoactive and hallucinogenic properties of nutmeg The anti-inflammatory effects of macelignan have been extensively studied.

Extraction lab report - Extraction: Compare the MPs of the once recrystallized and the twice recrystallized trimyristin.

Animal data More recently, experiments have evaluated the radio- and cisplatin-induced hepatoprotective effects in mice.

In thissecond recrystallization dissolve the trimyristin in the minimum amount of acetone at the BP of the solution. Chemical diversity and pharmacological significance of the secondary metabolites of nutmeg Myristica fragrans Houtt.

After the hydrolysis has proceeded for 45 minutes, allow the flask to cool to RT and pour the contents into a50 mL beaker containing 8 mL of water. The results were in agreement with anti-inflammatory and protective effects of macelignan observed in animal models of diabetes and hepatotoxicity If crystals do not appear after cooling, scratch the insidesurface of the flask with a glass stirring rod at the air-liquid interface to induce crystallization.

They are limited in size, design and focus topical application of nutmeg or use of a mixed herbal product containing nutmeg among other extracts with no individual pure compounds included.

The nut is removed and dried to produce nutmeg. Antimicrobial and antioxidant potentials of essential oil and acetone extract of Myristica fragrans Houtt.

The oil also showed strong cytotoxic action against colorectal cancer carcinoma cell line and breast carcinoma cell line. For liquid-liquid extraction, solvent extraction will done.

Separating chemicals from an aqueous solution requires knowledge of chemistry and molecules.

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The ground glass joints of the ml reaction flask and the outer joint of the reflux condenser were lubricated by Vaseline to prevent the glass joints from freezing together. To the solidin the 25 mL Erlenmeyer flask, add 1 mL acetone per 50 mg crude material, warm on the sand bath todissolve the solid caution: How do you separate chloroform or dichloromethane extract from an aqueous solution using a separating funnel.


If you see caps off of bottles, replace the caps. Talk:Trimyristin. Jump to navigation Jump to search section. My organic chemistry lab did a trimyristin extraction from nutmeg, and the description was similar-- it's a classic easy student experiment (although in organic chemistry lab, "easy" is a very relative term) The content is largely useless for this article and without the.

The extraction of trimyristin from nutmeg, its purification, and its conversion to a soap (sodium myristate) are described. Concepts such as the isolation of a natural product, recrystallization. Liquid liquid extraction lab report And Hydroxide Behavior in the S Pseudo Hydroxide Extraction Experiment.

Nutmeg is trimyristin, which can be isolated from nutmeg through extraction with. Basic Phenomena in Liquid-Liquid Extraction Column. To study the difference between the infrared spectrum results of the isolated trimyristin from experiment 3 and the recrystallized trimyristin Materials and Methods Procedure for the isolation trimyristin from nutmeg seed by solvent extraction.

Trimyristin is found in the fixed oil of nutmeg. The fixed oil comprises approximately % of the nutmeg seed. Trimyristin comprises 73% of the fixed oil. Overall, trimyristin should have a percent recovery of %. 1 Figure 1 shows how trimyristin is triester formed from the dehydration reaction between glycerol and myristic acid.

H2C CH. trimyristin - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

Extraction of trimyristin from nutmeg lab
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